''I was first introduced to complementary therapies when I experienced Acupuncture when I had a nasty fall whilst holidaying in New Zealand.  Over there they highly advocate complimentary therapies such as Acupuncture.  When my back seized up I found myself on a therapist couch with pins in my back and also weirdly my hands, feet and legs.  Going from being unable to walk to then leaping off the couch pain free.. my relationship with Acupuncture was born.


Once back in the United Kingdom I continued as a patient of Acupuncture. I was intrigued to find that whilst having treatment for my back other symptoms I had were improving.  Apart from my back I never would have described myself as being 'ill' in any way. I felt fatigued most of the time, lacked concentration, had the occasional headache and suffered with insomnia but I had been like it most of my life. I thought nothing could be done about it.  Acupuncture gave me my life and vibrancy back.  From my observations of those I have treated I found that not only their symptoms improve but so does their sense of wellbeing. 


I found myself inspired by my Acupuncturist.  I found his calm and peace loving approach to life endearing and I wanted to know his secret.  Listening to his explanations of how our mind and body works in the eyes of a 5000 year old technique was enchanting and I yearned to know more. 


Once I learnt that the University of Lincoln offered a degree level study on this fascinating subject I trusted my intuition and enrolled on the course.  I left four years later with knowledge, high grades, successful case studies and patients who wished for me to continue working with them.  I was awarded a Bachelor of Science with honours degree.


Now I am practicing Acupuncture I obtain great satisfaction knowing I am helping people become pain free, positive and well equipped with knowledge on how to take charge of their own health. 


I feel oddly proud that what seemed to be initially a strange therapy has now become a mainstream treatment.  The NHS widely recommends Acupuncture for pain relief and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has covered many clinical trials proving the effectiveness of acupuncture of a wide variety of conditions. 


In addition to Acupuncture I found that Hypnotherapy helped me with my anxiety regarding driving lessons, then eventually my driving exam. I turned to Hypnotherapy for grief when my mum sadly passed away and so I decided that learning Hypnotherapy would be a perfect adjunct to my treatments for my patients so I regularly provide a guided meditation for patients to help them relax. 

I learned Reiki after experiencing for myself the benefits of keeping me balanced whilst treating others. Once I found it helped my daughter overcome night terrors I started incorporating it in my treatments and discovered that it really accelerates results. I have been on several courses and eventually became a Reiki Master. Once people experience Reiki they are often very surprised at how relaxing it is. 

From this I have continued my professional studies on further courses such as Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) which is a quick, effective, content free technique that removes emotions from painful memories. It is particularly suitable for PTSD sufferers, I have also used it on children as young as 8 years old with history of abuse. 


My current patients found that choosing complimentary therapy have changed their lives for the better, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

I hope this website answers many questions you have about Complementary Therapies. Please contact me if you have any further questions.''