''Before I had acupuncture I was suffering greatly with heel and ankle pain caused by a plantar fasciitis.

It made walking long distances very painful, while first thing in the morning it was difficult to stand without being in pain.

After the recommended course of six treatments of acupuncture I noticed a marked improvement.

There was very little pain in the morning and I was able to don my walking boots knowing I could hike for up to seven or eight miles without a repeat of the previous discomfort.

Lucie was very supportive and understanding of my predicament and her professionalism and compassion was a credit to her.

I would recommend acupuncture because despite my fears of pain through the use of needles, I hardly felt a thing and the improvement in my condition was clear in the very early stages.

It worked where the conventional approach of exercises and splints had failed.'' John Holliday.


''Lucie is a professional therapist. After a number of Acupuncture sessions I have had no recurring acid reflux and I feel more balanced in myself.'' Alan.

''After several visits to Lucie my bloodshot light sensitive eye problem has gone, my plantar fascilitis pain is now very minimal and my back pain has gone. Lucie is a caring polite professional therapist and I would recommend her.'' Amanda.

"Highly recommend Miss Lucie Petts. She is a fabulous acupuncturist. she is empathetic, a good listener, professional and discreet, knowlegable about acupuncture and best of all one of the most caring people I know. She was made for this job.'' Sonia.


''When I first met Lucie she treated me for Hyperthyroidism, my Thyroid was going to be removed but after 6 sessions my Thyroid was in normal range!'' Teacher.


''I used to suffer with unbearable sciatica which stopped me from helping out as a football ref, working on the farm was becoming an issue so although I was scared of needles I took the plunge. Now I am reffing again and pain free.'' Neil.


''Only had 4 sessions with Lucie but I can already feel strength returning in my shoulder and also other problems are also being treated, very happy chappy.'' Phil.


I went to see Lucie for Acupuncture as I was suffering with terrible nausea and dizziness, some days I could not eat as it would all come back again in the toilet bowl. This affected my work as a hairdresser as it would feel the floor was coming up and I often had to run to the loo. It also affected dining out anywhere with my family and friends, also going away with my boyfriend for the weekend was impossible unless I simply didn’t eat! I had a series of acupuncture sessions and from the first session I could eat without being or feeling sick and the dizziness stopped. I continued treatment as I also suffered with headaches and I wanted to complete the course. I am now free of all symptoms and just go for acupuncture simply as I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from it. I have also been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a mobile hairdresser. I don’t want to ever feel the way I did before I went to Lucie. She’s helped me so much.''Natalie.

''I am more than happy with my experience at PinPoint Therapy for my low back pain following the birth of my son 'Harry'..

Before acupuncture I found it difficult to pick Harry up, it was particularly frustrating at night when I had to bend to pick him up from his cot for night feeds.  I also found exercising hard which is what most new mums want to do to get back to a pre pregnancy weight. After waking in pain for months I sought help in the form of acupuncture. 

Lucie explained that the epidural I had for my c-section possibly led to a chinese term of 'Blood Stasis' in my lower back. I have had 5 treatments in total, with relief from the very first one. Now I can pick Harry up, go circuit training, play badminton and swim with no discomfort. Lucie is a kind and welcoming therapist and put me at ease immediately. I would definitely recommend her.'' Amy.