Give yourself an ear rub a day! It rubs the pain away! 

If you take a look at the picture below you can see that the shape of an ear actually looks like an upside down foetus.

Giving your ears a bit of attention regularly stimulates acu- points and gives the whole immune system a boost. This works in the same way as reflexology.
(Different parts of the foot correspond with different parts of the body).

You can be even more specific!

If suffering from a headache rub the ear lobe.
Feeling anxious?
Press you finger nail into the centre of your ear to stimulate the heart and calm those nerves

Sacral pain? Rub the highest point of your ear...etc etc..

This is a great way to give an immune system boost to your little ones!

Auricular acupuncture and ear seed embedding is an extremely common practice in all acupuncture clinics across the world. It is commonly used for addictions, insomnia, anxiety, musculo-skeletal problems and as an appetite suppressant.

I often use it in my clinic for patients that have sciatica which hurts too much to sit or lay down. A few pins in the sciatic point of the ear enables the patient to relax, lay down, listen to music whereas I can get to work performing acupuncture and massage where they need it most.

Make today a happy ear rubbing day.