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Lose weight! Create healthy brain chemistry and have increased energy by adding these 4 ingredients!

Posted by Lucie Petts on Tuesday, March 18, 2014,
I have been incorporating a daily drink into my diet with fantastic results. So good that I started recommending it to my patients.
Hormonal problems ? (such as ovarian cysts, PMT, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, breast tenderness, spots on the chin area, decreased libido) Lethargy? Excess weight?
All of these become a thing of the past!
Many of my patients are doing this with fabulous results. One lady lost a stone in two weeks by doing nothing except adding this super blend of in...
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Ladies! Have you lost your mojo?

Posted by Lucie Petts on Tuesday, March 18, 2014,
Do you suffer with all or any of the following?

  • Weak knees and lower back?
  • Back hurts particularly first thing in the morning or after exerting yourself.
  • Decreased libido
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Ear problems
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Increased urination or urgency
  • Unexplained fear

For loss of libido increase intake of flaxseeds (add to porridge, yogurt, cereal or a smoothie)
Vaginal dryness use coconut oil as a lubricant, it has also got anti fungal, ...

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Asthma -Bronchitis- Hayfever- ease the wheeze!

Posted by Lucie Petts on Tuesday, March 11, 2014,
Washing your hair and changing clothes after you have been outside can reduce your exposure to seasonal allergic pollens.

Dust mites, tobacco smoke, and food additives are just a few of the common asthma triggers.

Acupuncture techniques, including cupping along the back shu points of the lungs, can greatly reduce worrisome asthmatic wheezing. Cupping jars are places on acu-points that help open your lungs. your acu-pro can show you how to do this helpful technique at home.

Cutting back on sugar,...
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Oh, my aching back!!!

Posted by Lucie Petts on Sunday, March 9, 2014,
Back pain is the number one cause of disability for people between the ages 19-45.

Drink lots of water if you suffer from sudden low-back strain. It's often the result of overwork, resulting in a build up of lactic acid in your muscles. One or two 8 ounce glasses of water may bring relief in just a few minutes. 

You can stimulate acu-point BL54 by placing your fingertips in the centre of the creases behind your knees and either pressing deeply or rubbing whilst exhaling. This point stimulates t...
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Skin- the purpose of the surface!

Posted by Lucie Petts on Sunday, March 9, 2014,
Your skin reflects the inner functions of your body and spirit.
Organs like your stomach, lungs and bowels can greatly affect the texture, tone and glow of your skin.

Eczema! Ditch the itch! 

Food allergies can escalate eczema!
Common culprits: wheat, dairy, sugar, eggs, processed foods, peanuts, strawberries, fried foods.
See if you can make a connection by watching how your skin reacts to these foods.

Studies have shown that taking three-six grams of Evening Primrose Oil at day for three months...
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Your treatment: the least you need to know!

Posted by Lucie Petts on Sunday, March 9, 2014,
  • Qi is food+air transforming into your own natural medicine
  • Stimulating acu-points unlocks Qi so your body can heal itself
  • Acupuncture needles don't hurt, because they are hair-thin and round tipped to glide between muscle fibres
  • Pressing your pulse and abdomen unlocks clues to your condition
  • Observing the tongue unlocks clues to your condition
  • Moxibustion increases circulation by heating up acu-points with the controlled burning of herbs
  • Cupping pulls and lifts muscles into a glass jar to untie kno...

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Posted by Lucie Petts on Saturday, March 8, 2014,
Gingerly does it!

  • Take Ginger for a cold
Fresh ginger may be added to soup one minute before its removed from the stove.
Ginger increases the warmth in your body and traditionally is thought to increase circulation in the outer muscles of the head and upper back, driving the cold out.

  • Drinking Ginger tea for Infertility
Often many women cannot get pregnant due to having a cold uterus. Ginger is naturally warming and could help you on your way to getting pregnant.

  • Bells Palsy
  • Neuralgia/ Facial Nerve...

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PinPoint Therapy Pin Points the Problem every time!

Lucie Petts I am a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and I am interested in all things alternative. I am a Reiki Master and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I run a busy health practice called PinPoint Therapy. My job fulfills me and I see my patients as friends that I want to help make the most out of their life, this includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.