Washing your hair and changing clothes after you have been outside can reduce your exposure to seasonal allergic pollens.

Dust mites, tobacco smoke, and food additives are just a few of the common asthma triggers.

Acupuncture techniques, including cupping along the back shu points of the lungs, can greatly reduce worrisome asthmatic wheezing. Cupping jars are places on acu-points that help open your lungs. your acu-pro can show you how to do this helpful technique at home.

Cutting back on sugar, supplementing with Vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and Ginko Biloba can help dissolve the mucus of bronchitis.

Pressing  acu-point CV17 (located in the middle of the sternum or breast bone between the nipples). This area may be sore from coughing, so press gently, adjusting the pressure to your comfort.

Find a sensitive spot by pressing the muscles underneath your collar bone. press evenly, breathing in 5-10 times. Try using oriental healing colour for the lungs, white; as you breathe in imagine your lungs filling with pure white air that carries out all the bacteria and toxins when you exhale.