So you’ve heard all the regular advice about the Corona Virus such as washing hands and stocking up.. and the conflicting opinions whether this virus is something to panic over
whether it is or not here is what a complimentary therapist would advise..

*Ingest oregano oil capsules
Oregano oil supports a healthy immune system and respiratory function
Protects against environmental threats
Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses
Protects from common cold and flu

*Burn Sage in your home/ workplace
Sage has antimicrobial properties which can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi

*Batch cook onion and garlic soup
Both antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.. nature’s way of protecting its own. If you want to know recipe/ method inbox me.
From a TCM perspective the diagnosis of the Corona Virus is Damp Cold Toxin so onion and garlic is perfect for cutting through damp and mucus and they have a warming nature..

*Dont be scared, be prepared!! .. The chances are this is just like the common flu we are so used to but if something is going on we don’t know about then prepare yourself as well as you can then live your life.. worrying is going to actually make you ill.. your mind is very powerful and your body reacts to what you think.

*If you don’t feel comfortable attending your appointments then don’t.. but know that medical practices will be even more vigilant during the corona virus outbreak. 

Personally, I have 30 patients next week and nothing will change, as usual there will be hand washing, antibacterial gel and sage burning in the work place. Patients that have symptoms of colds/ flu are asked not to come, the same as any time.

If anyone would prefer distance healing message me on here or on 07817415818.
I’ll need to know a time of your choice where you can sit quietly for 30 minutes or more. You may experience the same sensations whilst receiving acupuncture or reiki such as tingling, heat, cold, electricity, and afterwards you may need to use the toilet as it is very detoxing.
The cost of distance healing is £15 via PayPa