Our bodies are clever and give us signals all the time.

For example our body gives us pain to notify us that something is wrong!

There is facial diagnosis, foot diagnosis, ear diagnosis, hand diagnosis and more..

Our bodies are so clever and they are trying to warn us all the time so we can quickly do something about it .

The easiest one is to stick your tongue out at yourself in the mirror. Try not to laugh!

The Tongue is a mirror to all our body's organs as seen in the picture below:

Get to know your tongue and you will get to know your body!

A tongue I often see wagging at me in my clinic is one that has prominent teeth marks around the edges.

This signifies that the tongue is swollen (hence the imprint of your teeth).

This indicates to a Traditional Chinese Practitioner that the food and drink essences that you consume are not being transformed and transported around your body efficiently enough. 

If you notice that you have teeth marks around your tongue you will be diagnosed with Spleen Qi Deficiency and Dampness.

Meaning: Spleen Meridian is sluggish causing digestion issues, possible bloating after meals, tiredness, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, loose bowels.

This is caused by irregular eating patterns, over thinking and over consumption of sweet things.

A Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist will choose points that are on the Spleen Meridian and points that influence the Spleen Meridian.

Heres an acu point to get you started:

The easiest way to locate is to place four fingers above the inside of the ankle bone and it is directly above it. It will feel tender. Place pressure for 30 seconds daily. This will help.

Having regular acupuncture treatments by a practitioner who is qualified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (Min 3 years study) will help your tongue wag happily.