Gingerly does it!

  • Take Ginger for a cold
Fresh ginger may be added to soup one minute before its removed from the stove.
Ginger increases the warmth in your body and traditionally is thought to increase circulation in the outer muscles of the head and upper back, driving the cold out.

  • Drinking Ginger tea for Infertility
Often many women cannot get pregnant due to having a cold uterus. Ginger is naturally warming and could help you on your way to getting pregnant.

  • Bells Palsy
  • Neuralgia/ Facial Nerve Pain
Grate several slices of fresh ginger root into two cups of hot water. Let steep for five minutes. Soak a washcloth in the liquid and rub vigorously against your face. Ginger helps stimulate the blood flow in the facial muscles. Remember. This ginger scrub is for wearing not drinking.

  • Stomach upset/ Vomiting
For you or your child. Make a tea from grating a few slices of fresh ginger and dried orange peel with hot water. Let steep for five minutes, cool, and give one or two drops to you or your child before eating. This will settle the stomach and prevent further vomiting.

Ginger has many uses.
If you use ginger for a health challenge that I haven't mentioned please comment.
Thank you for reading.