Dear Patients..

You are not going to like me very much...

Over the last few weeks I've given most of you a weekly diet sheet to fill out and what I noticed with most of you is that you have gone banana crazy!! 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory every food has a certain energetic response on the body.
For example: Bananas have a moistening/ dampening effect whilst an apple has a drying effect. 

Our internal body climate reflects our external environment, hence living in the UK which the majority of the time is Damp means that the foods we eat should mostly be of a Drying energy. 

Bananas are grown in a hot and dry climate therefore the people who live in that environment would find bananas very beneficial to their health as they need the moistening energetic effect. We, however already are invaded by external Dampness so bananas are in fact VERY damaging to our health. Causing Internal Dampness and generating Phlegm.

Not convinced? Look up the Glycemic Index rating of a banana and you will find that it is very high. This messes up your blood sugar levels which, in turn, promotes weight gain and causes a surge of energy which then crashes and causes an extreme low.

For the potassium levels try drinking half a lemon with warm water every day instead or add an avocado to your salad.