Your Treatment

Once I have made a diagnosis I carry out an acupuncture treatment, the pins are hair-like and very unlike the needles you are accustomed to at your local doctor’s office. Once these are in place I leave you to relax at least 28 minutes (this is the full Qi cycle), sometimes I leave you for longer if this is necessary. Most sessions will take about an hour overall which leaves room for discussion and for you to have acupuncture.
Everybody reacts differently after treatment, for example I have had reports of feelings of euphoria with bursts of energy, I have had people who have felt fatigued and need to rest, people have said they felt tingling for days on the site where I placed the pins, everyone is individual and heals in their own way.
In regards to noticing the effects of treatment on the condition you have come for, most people feel a change either immediately within minutes if it is pain related) or after the treatment if you have come for insomnia, depression etc such as sound sleep, more energy, improved mood, better digestion.
Acupuncture is both therapeutic and diagnostic and that with each treatment I will learn a little more about how the treatment is proceeding and whether we seem to be meeting, exceeding or falling short of the estimate I have for your odds of success.
There is a beginning, middle and end to your treatment process. The beginning is when we see any type of improvement in the patterns of symptoms, the middle is where we build on this and take it as far as possible, and the end is where we make sure the progress will be as stable and lasting as possible.
It is difficult to know how you will respond in the beginning, some patients feel improvement from the 1st treatment and move immediately to the middle stage, others may take several treatments before even showing modest improvement.
 If you want to try acupuncture, you need to be willing to give it 5- 6 treatments. Hopefully you will respond quicker than that but to only give acupuncture 2-3 treatments is not giving it a fair chance.
Once we see improvement and are into the middle stage, improvement should build up steadily. As long as we see continued improvement we should keep treatment going until all symptoms have subsided.
It is not in my policy to just keep treating if we are not seeing continued progress.
I will keep you informed each stage of the treatment process and will not keep treating if it looks like the treatment is not working as expected or once maximum benefit is reached.