The greatest medicine

of all is to

teach people not to

need it

Please call or email for a free consultation which is an opportunity to decide which treatment or combination of treatments would suit you best.

An in-person consultation would follow which allows you space to talk to me about your health and wellness goals. This allows me to assess the needs of each individual client. By treating the body as a whole (as opposed to individual symptoms) The energy of the body can be restored and the mind can become clear and positive. During this session I carry out pulse and tongue diagnosis and we can come up with a treatment plan that suits you, incorporating all or some of the following therapies. If we have time on this session we will begin treatment.

Lucie Petts Bsc (hons) AAC Chyp

Email: Tel: 07817415818


This method is considered the most effective in acupuncture when dealing with PAIN RELIEF

- Immediate pain reduction (50-100%) within seconds of needle insertion

- Needling never occurs in the area of pain

- The patient does not need to undress during the session

- The patient can remain seated during the session

- Needling is administered mainly on the meridians on the limbs

-Micro thin needles cause minimal sensation when applied  


This above method is based on the classical teachings of Acupuncture, as described in Huangdi Neijing and I Ching, as well as accomplished acupuncture masters Dr Chao Chen, Dr Richard Tan, Richard Te Fu Tan and Master Tong.


This healing commodity that has been around the longest and is very effective for general health and complex conditions including INFERTILITY, MIGRAINE, DEPRESSION, HORMONAL IMBALANCE, SKIN, MENOPAUSAL COMPLAINTS, INSOMNIA, DIGESTIVE ISSUES and more.


This invigorates each organ via needle placement

in the 'Back Shu' points. This encourages quick

yet gentle removal of toxins in each organ. Usually

administered as a quick 'reset' of the body after

a period of over -indulgence or before your IVF journey


Acupuncture is increasingly being recognised for enhancing chances of fertility success.  What can Acupuncture offer?

-Increased ovarian responsiveness

-Enhance follicular development/ egg quality

-Increase endometrium lining if it is too thin

-Reduce side effects of fertility drugs

-Increase implantation rates

-Improve sperm quality

-Reduce stress

-Reduce FSH

-Regulate menstruation/cycle

-Encourage ovulation

-Support and advice from an experienced practitioner in fertility/IVF acupuncture

CHAKRA-ACUPUNCTURE (£60 60-90mins)

Pins are administered in the areas of the Chakras and Reiki applied in an hour long relaxing treatment. This is a spiritual, clearing, healing technique that restores balance and a sense of calm. The experience is unique to the recipient, reports of seeing colours, experiencing warm tingling sensations and visits from past loved ones are not unusual. If required psychic surgery is administered to remove negative energy from yourself. It is common I receive advisory message that may aid you in your spiritual healing journey which I will relay to you after the treatment session.


This treatment has a similar effect as the above interventions but administered through massage only. Using my thumbs/ fingers and elbows I can stimulate points according to your specific health goals in a tailored healing massage. This can be a full body massage, scalp or feet only. Stimulating or Relaxing. YOUR CHOICE.

Full body £50 60mins

Back, neck & shoulders £35 30mins

Scalp and face £35 30mins

Feet £40 60mins


A gentle and relaxing massage to stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage blood flow and calm the mind.

REIKI (£40 60mins)

This is a technique developed from Eastern philosophy where Reiki Masters learnt how to manipulate energy for a specific purpose. In your case TO ASSIST HEALING. During the session hands on healing is applied, every experience is unique to the individual and dramatic shifts can happen physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This is my personal favourite treatment to receive when I want to relax, encourage spiritual development and feel nourished.



Hypnotherapy is similar to a guided meditation, it is exploratory and can be interesting for the recipient to discover where the issues came from and remove any blockages to our goals.


IEMT is none content so you do not need to divulge why you are coming to see me so perfect if you would rather not talk about it. IEMT is perfect for PTSD/ Trauma/ Depression and Anxiety. 


Acupuncture and Reiki (£60 60mins)

The FAMOUS R & R - Reflexology & Reiki (£70 90mins)

Full Body Massage followed by either Reiki OR Reflexology (£70 90mins)

I.E.M.T followed by Reiki (£75 90mins)

OR a tailored treatment at your request! Please ask!