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My take on Reiki

Reiki energy is energy from the natural earth around us and from spirit. The person giving you reiki channels it through their hands and for me, personally it feels like running water coming through the crown of my head into my hands and into the recipient. As reiki healers we place emphasis on the seven chakras which are whirlpools of energy that have an associated organs, glands and emotions. This can be done in person or when I’m in a deep meditative state and transmit the energy through intention from a distance.

The spiritual law of the universe is WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR REALITY.

To live this the chakras are broken into seven laws








Below I ask the the following questions associated with the vibration you are giving out.

Crown chakra Mentalism

Everything that you live is what you believe.

Are you being what you think you are ?

Third eye Correspondence

The expression of your mind of who you really are becomes your reality.

Is everything outside of me in correspondence with what I feel within?

Throat chakra Vibration

Is what I say exactly what I want to say?

Do I express myself in truth?

Heart Rhythm

Are you loving yourself fully and allowing yourself to receive it from others? Is what you feel being reflected back in your life?

Solar Plexus Cause/effect

Me- what am I within? What do I feel? Am I conciously creating and manifesting what I want or am I a bystander?


Polarity helps us move forward, not separate us.

Do I live in separation or in creation ?


Are you creating or destroying your life and those around you with your mental, physical and emotional vibration?

How in alignment you are with your chakras determines what vibration you receive back in your reality.

High vibe activities involve being authentic, choosing your thoughts carefully by choosing affirmations that feel good to you, speaking your truth, treating yourself like you are your own best friend, forgiving yourself often, imagining the life you want to create and daydreaming on it often, keeping the faith, being in nature, blessing your water before you drink it, being grateful whilst feeling good and graceful when feeling low, meditation, yoga, reiki.

We all have blockages in our spiritual journey from time to time and sometimes we need someone else to gently guide us through this.. I’m here if you need me πŸ™

Posted 16 weeks ago